luni, 4 ianuarie 2010

Precedentul Goran Pandev

In the summer of 2009, a dispute between Pandev and Lazio president Claudio Lotito erupted, resulting in a legal battle between Pandev and his club. The ruling was announced on December 23 2009.

The dispute started with Pandev indicating his desire to leave Lazio during the summer of 2009. Club president Lotito, apparently unhappy with Pandev's decision, froze him out of the squad. As a result, Pandev spent the remaining four months training on his own, without making a single appearance for his club. During this period, various clubs had indicated their interest in buying Pandev, most notably Zenit St.Petersburg, who made an offer of 13 million euros for the player. Lazio president Lotito rejected the offer, demanding 15 million euros instead. The deal eventually fell through after both parties failed to come to an agreement on price.

On 26 September, Goran Pandev officially filed for a termination of his contract with Lazio, having been frozen out of the squad and labelled a 'rebel' by the club. Pandev argued that by freezing him out of the squad, Lazio had violated the terms of their contract with him. On 23 December 2009, Lega Calcio ruled in Pandev's favor, ordering Lazio to release Pandev from his contract and pay him 170,000 euros for emotional distress.

Bravo lui! A facut o miscare geniala! Asa ar trebui sa faca toti jucatorii de fotbal de pe la noi care sunt trimisi la echipa B prin divizia a treia. Un jucator cand semneaza un contract, il semneaza cu Steaua sau Dinamo sau ... Nu il semneaza cu Steaua B sau Dinamo B sau ...
Dar la noi, ca la nimenea. La noi s-a ajuns sa se diminueze sumele din contractele jucatorilor si asta se va face unilateral. Romania!

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